Will I have the same cleaner each time?
We do our best to provide the same cleaner each time and we will provide a replacement if your regular cleaner is unwell or goes on holiday?
What about cleaning materials?
We provide cleaning materials for end of tenancy and deep cleans. As our regular cleaners travel by public transport they are unable to provide cleaning materials or tools, such as hoover, mop and bucket. 
How are the payments made?
Regular cleaning - Your payments are split into two parts. You pay partial payment, e.g. £9.50ph to the cleaner directly (exact rate will be confirmed in a quotation email). The remainder is paid by direct debit on a monthly basis. Direct debit will need to be set up before the first session. Some cleaners will prefer cash, but others don't mind if you make a bank transfer to them after each session. 
One-off cleaning - We will send you an invoice by email, which you can pay by bank transfer or debit/credit card. We can also card payments over the phone. 
How many hours do I need?
Here are our estimates based on our experience:
Regular cleaning
Studio/1 bedroom  - 2 hrs per week or 2.5 hrs every fortnight
2 bedroom 1 bath - 2.5 hrs per week or 3 hrs every fortnight
2 bedroom 2 bath - 3 hrs per week, 3 hrs every fortnight
3 bedroom 1 bath - 3 hrs per week, 3.5 hrs every fortnight
3 bedroom 2 bath - 4 hrs per week, 4 hrs every fortnight
4 bedroom 1 bath - 4 hrs per week, 5 hrs every fortnight
4 bedroom 2 bath - 5 hrs per week, 5 hrs every fortnight
End of tenancy cleaning

Studio/1 bedroom  - 4 hrs, 1 cleaner

2 bedroom 1 bath – 5-6 hrs, 1 cleaner

2 bedroom 2 bath – 6-7 hrs, 1 cleaner

3 bedroom 1 bath – 7-8 hrs, 1 cleaner (4 hrs, 2 cleaners)

3 bedroom 2 bath - 4-5 hrs, 2 cleaners

4 bedroom 1 bath - 5-6 hrs, 2 cleaners

4 bedroom 2 bath - 6-7 hrs, 2 cleaners

5 bedroom 2 bath – 7-8 hrs, 2 cleaners

What if I don't like the cleaner?
We can provide a free replacement to ensure you are absolutely happy with the service. 
What cleaning materials do I need to provide for regular cleaning?
Our customers have got their own preferences in terms of the brand, but please ensure you have the following:
  •  Kitchen cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Limescale remover
  • Bleach
  • Clean cloths and sponges (washed between visits)
  • Microfibre cloths (washed between visits) 
How are your cleaners vetted?
We ask for references and check the right to work in the U.K., proof of id (e.g. a passport) and proof of address (e.g. bill/bank statement), so that the cleaner can be traced.
If a cleaner is sick, can I have a replacement?
Yes. If we have any notice, we’ll send you another cleaner. If there’s no notice and we can’t assign a replacement in time, we’ll send you a refund or she can make up the hours. Please inform us if she misses a session for any reason.

What does your insurance cover?

Damage to your property caused by the cleaner, theft by the cleaner, key and lock replacement and personal injury to the cleaner.

Can I have a trial?
You can use the 1st clean as a trial and you can cancel the service if you are not happy with something.
Can I have a cleaner at weekends?
Yes. Some cleaners are prepared to work at weekends, so that’s not a problem.
What happens if I want to change the number of hours?
Please let the office know and we will adjust the direct debit amount, you will also need to pay the new hourly fee to the cleaner. 

Can I give the cleaner a key?

Yes. All our cleaners have been vetted and can hold keys. There is a key receipt form in the information pack which we will send you and you can ask the cleaner to sign it and it is for you to keep.


Is the cleaner flexible about tasks to be done?

Yes. The cleaner can do any reasonable cleaning related domestic task. Cleaners cannot use stepladder, hand wash or lift anything heavy.


My new cleaner from you was a bit slow the first time.

Often, cleaners speed up when they get used to a new house, so the initial sessions are usually the slowest. If you are not happy with her, we can send you another lady.


What if I want to cancel the session?

Please let us or your regular cleaner know 24 hours before the session. 


What if I want to cancel my regular cleaning arrangement?

Our notice period is 1 week during the first month and 1 month thereafter. 


Do you have any alternative to pay agency fee other than Direct Debit?

Yes, you can set up a standing order with your bank before the first session and advise the office. 


What if my cleaner is running late?

Our cleaners do our best to to arrive at your agreed time. There are situations when traffic is delayed and cleaner may arrive late. Cleaners are instructed to contact you if they are stuck in traffic. Please feel free to telephone the office if you need to go and we will try to find out how far the cleaner is from your place.